Cambridge Institute Celebrates 150 Years by Paying It Forward with Bursaries

Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is throwing a huge 150th birthday bash by giving out bursaries to folks who need a leg up.

Back in Time: The OG of Continuing Education

Flashback to October 1873—ICE came into the world, strutting its stuff as the very first university-run department for lifelong learning. That’s a big deal!

£1,873 for a Brighter Future

Here’s the scoop: ICE is making dreams come true by handing out 80 bursaries, each worth £1,873. These goodies are like golden tickets, helping adults jump into one-year certificate or diploma courses.

Opening Doors for the Underdogs

ICE isn’t playing favorites—they’re looking out for those who never got a chance at higher education. If your household income is under £25,000, you’re in the running for these bursaries.

Learning for All Ages

ICE is all about learning, no matter how old you are. They’ve got part-time and quick courses for grown-ups of any age, making education a forever thing.

Changing Lives, One Bursary at a Time

Meet Yemi Ayeni from Hertfordshire. When the pandemic threw a curveball and left her jobless, ICE swooped in with a bursary. That helped her dive into a Certificate in Strategic Business and Management.

Yemi’s a single mom juggling life for her two kiddos. ChatGPT. Thanks to the bursary, studying at ICE felt like a door opened wide. Now, she’s on the brink of starting her very own life coach gig.

A Slice of History: Fighting for Fair Education

Back in the day, education was for the elite few. But some folks weren’t cool with that. People like Anne Clough and Josephine Butler made noise, fighting for everyone—regardless of cash or gender—to get a fair shot at learning.

Then came along James Stuart, an academic hero, who started giving lectures for women in the late 1800s. That was the spark that led to ICE kicking off official lectures in the East Midlands, making education more of a “for all” thing.

ICE’s journey isn’t just about hitting a milestone—it’s about paying it forward. These bursaries aren’t just about money—they’re about giving people a chance to chase their dreams, no matter where they come from or what they’ve been through.