SULC and Vanta Team Up for Exciting Esports Fun in Louisiana!

SULC and Vanta Team Up for Exciting Esports Fun in Louisiana!

The Southern University Law Center (SULC) and Vanta, a youth esports platform, are working together to bring esports to kids like you in Louisiana schools. This is really cool! They’re calling it the SULC Louisiana Esports League, and it’s kind of like having your own video game league.

The Next Big Things in Gaming by SULC and Vanta

The SULC and Vanta don’t just put on events; they also want to encourage and help people like you become future leaders in e-sports. The SULC’s Mixed Reality Virtual Innovation Gaming and Esports Institute helps make sure that everyone in Louisiana can have fun, learn new things, and be a part of a big esports family.

The gaming party is open to everyone!

What do you think? You don’t have to pay anything to join this wicked game party! Everyone is welcome in the SULC Louisiana Esports League, no matter what school they go to. You could show off your skills in games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Tetris, Super Smash Bros., and more in events with your friends!

Prepare for the e-sports seasons!

The fun in e-sports starts in January with the pre-season and the main season. Now is your chance to work on your skills and show everyone what you can do. What’s even cooler? The top four teams from each game will play in a big event at the end of April. It’s like when your favorite teams make the playoffs!

Vanta – Making Your E-Sports Awesome!

Let’s talk about Vanta, the cool company that made this all possible. They’ve been around since 2020 and are kind of like gods in e-sports. Kids should be able to play, learn, and have fun with video games, they think. Vanta even got $2.5 million in 2022 to follow their e-sports goals.

Vanta’s Adventure Goes On: From Texas to Louisiana

Vanta has done this before. In April of last year, they got together with some friends to plan a big SLOTJARWO game tournament in Texas. With the help of SULC, they are now bringing the fun of games to Louisiana! From one state to another, it’s like a big journey just for you and your friends.

What’s Next for Esports in Louisiana?

Things are about to get really exciting in the SULC Louisiana Esports League! New gaming stars are being made in Louisiana by SULC and Vanta. They do this by being open to everyone and teaching cool things through games. Imagine kids from different places getting together to play, learn, and grow. In a world where esports is more than just a game, this league isn’t just about games; it’s about making you the leaders of tomorrow. So, get ready, because Louisiana’s game adventure has just begun!