One House Music Breaks Boundaries with “Eyes Up” EP


One House Music EP: A unique mix of genres aimed at non-Christians

One House Music, which made up of people from One: A Potter’s House Church in Los Angeles, is making news with their varied EP “Eyes Up.” The EP is specifically made for people who are not Christians. It has R&B, pop, gospel, and hip-hop songs that talk about relying on God, getting over addiction, and having courage when things get tough.

One House Music getting the attention of mainstream audiences

“I’d Be Lying,” from the EP, has already added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. It features UK Christian artist Sondae and Grammy-winning songwriter Mitch Wong. It sounds like Afrobeats and has words that talk about needing God’s love, which seems like an odd mix but works well together.

One House Music finding Common Ground Outside of Church

With the help of Touré Roberts, who started One House Music in 2020, church music can reach more people. Roberts, who known for being down-to-earth, wants the music to go beyond standard praise songs and meet people.

The producer’s wise approach

One House’s writer and music director, Brunes Charles, came up with the idea for a pop/R&B album after the group’s first praise album, “Live Again.” Charles thinks that this way of talking will make people more willing to talk about their problems and less afraid of sharing their life’s journey.

Being Open and Vulnerable in “Eyes Up”

The EP’s honesty best shown by the song “Last Time,” which features singing from Touré Roberts’ 20-year-old son Isaiah Roberts. By talking about his battle with addiction, Isaiah hopes to make music that connects with Gen Z fans who are looking for realness.

Success and Effects Early on

“Last Time” has streamed over 150,000 times, which makes Isaiah Roberts feel good. The success shows how important real messages, and both the father and son think that their songs should talk about questions and difficulties.

Christianity Away from the Common Sounds

Charles wants to hear One House Music on Christian radio, which would add R&B and brutal honesty to the Christian music scene that is mostly praise and prayer. He wants to get people talking and give Christian music more options, because the business is changing.

The Changing Scenery of Christian Music

Touré Roberts thinks that groups like One House will help make the Christian music scene more open and accepting as it grows to include more independent acts and styles. The song “Eyes Up” shows that Christians are still relevant and relatable in today’s singing world.

A Message for People Outside of Church

Touré Roberts talks about how important the church is and how people can relate to it. Through songs like “Eyes Up,” he hopes to break down stereotypes. And then, he can show that Christians always connect with non-Christians on a deeper level.